Welcome! Edit

Hello, and welcome to ROBLOX Wiki! Ghostmancer founder this here wiki. ROBLOX was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, Erik died fighting cancer. Here are the most known admins and mods: Builderman, Games, MajorTom4321, Matt Dusek, ReeseMcBlox, ROBLOX, Shedletsky (Telamon), Scorcus, and Clockwork.

Admins For This Wiki Edit


  • Ghostmancer

Admins and Mods:

  • None

Candidates For Admin:

  • BartoszC: Changed the home page for this wiki, because someone wrote on the wiki that he founded this wiki and only wrote about himself.
  • Shadowaxxe: Wrote on the Home Page that this is his wiki, which is not his, and only wrote about himself.