The Character-Fusion Glitch is a glitch which is one of the most well-known in the mid 2007 and all the way up to 2012.

The glitch became much harder to do because of the recent updates of bevels and animations.

It is classified as a platform crossing type glitch, next to the Sword Fly glitch and the Side-Walking Glitch.

It is mostly used in Shedletsky's Sword Fight on the Heights Original place.

It involves players colliding into each other.

How to do and more information Edit Edit

The glitch was rather complicated and made the players vulnerable to wide varieties of dangers such as PvP.

To perform the glitch you must

1. Stand infront or behind of the player you want to preform it with.

2. One person puts his face to the other persons face.

3. Turn your camera to where going in 1st person will make your face go the other way.

4. If done correctly, you should either fuse OR go right through them.

If you do it in the front, you are most likely to go forward, if done in the back, you are most likely to go backwards.

The chances of you of going forward or backward is 90/10 depending on where you fused.

Once you have reached your destination you can move freely, but this can be disrupted if a player jumps on both of you or you hit a solid object.